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Lithuania's exhibition at the EXPO 2017 International Exhbition will be held in a 531.2 sq. m. space provided to Lithuania in the international pavilion’s C1-3 module. The state of Lithuania and its energy achievements will be presented using laser technology, laser rays or their imitations, holograms, video content, models and artistic installations in a roughly 400 sq. m. space. It's no coincidence that this method was chosen – Lithuania is one of the world's leaders in the study of scientific laser technologies and production. Every tenth scientific laser sold in the world was created in Lithuania. In the pavilion, laser beams won't just be used as a surprising aesthetic and informational element. Opportunities and possibilities for the application of lasers in the field of energy will also be presented, especially when it comes to more efficient ways to use solar energy.  The most ambitious energy projects completed by the state within recent years (the LNG terminal, the electrical connections and others) will also be presented at the exhibition, as will other innovations related to the production and reasonable consumption of energy in scientific and technological fields that Lithuania has made great advances in (IT, biotechnology, green chemistry and others).

A mezzanine occupying about 40 percent of the pavilion's total area will be installed in the pavilion. The upper area will include a small conference hall, a VIP guest room, and an administrative area. A souvenir store and a bar will be found beneath it. The souvenirs and merchandise, as well as the bar's menu, will feature laser-related details: holograms, etched glass, flashlights, pens, etc. Laserbeams or their imitations will also be used to cover the pavilion's facade, which will have to be original and draw visitors' attention both day and night. All of the information in the pavilion's exhibition, the store, the bar and on the facade will be provided in Kazakh, English and Russian.