Lithuania to take part in EXPO 2017 international exhibition

On Monday (2016 - 06 - 13), Lithuania and the organisers of the EXPO 2017 international exhibition signed a contract at the Ministry of Environment. By this contract our country has officially confirmed its participation in this exhibition to take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.


The contract was signed by Rapil Zhoshibayev, Commissioner of EXPO 2017 and First Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, and Romas Jankauskas, Commissioner of the Lithuanian exposition and Head of the Exhibitions Division of the Ministry of Environment.

The EXPO 2017 exhibition will open in Astana exactly in a year or on 10 June 2017, and will run for three months. Its main theme is energy of the future.

‘At present renewable energy is not only a fashionable term but also a relevant and promising sphere of energy production. This sector shows a particularly marked technological development. I believe that a time will come when we will be able to generate enough power for ourselves from the sun or other renewable sources, without polluting or endangering nature. I am delighted that in the recent decade Lithuania and Kazakhstan have found many common interests in various spheres of bilateral cooperation. I hope that our participation in the exhibition not only will represent our country within the world context but will also help to strengthen the economic ties, promote investment and open new opportunities for cooperation with Kazakhstan’, says Minister of Environment Kęstutis Trečiokas.

By this contract the organisers of EXPO 2017 undertake to allot, until the end of this year free of charge, a space of more than 530 square metres in the European sector of the EXPO 2017 complex with construction nearing completion in Astana for the installation of the Lithuanian pavilion. The exposition of our country will be set up next to the pavilions of the United Kingdom, Italy and Hungary. The Ministry of Environment will issue a call for tender for the design of the Lithuanian pavilion immediately after the contract is signed.

EXPO 2017 will be the twelfth international exhibition with Lithuania as a participant. Our country’s first participation in the international exhibition in Paris in 1900 was unofficial. For the Ministry of Environment, EXPO 2017 will be the seventh international exhibition in which it will organise the presentation of our country.

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