History of Lituanian energy sector
Evolution of environmental protection in Lithuania

The strategic objective of environmental policy is to attain a healthy, clean and safe environment in Lithuania, which would address the needs of society, environmental protection and the economy in a sustainable way. The plans are to ensure a long-term rational and sustainable use and protection of natural resources as well as the restoration and, where possible, enhancement of renewable natural resources by providing conditions for sustainable economic development.

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What will the Lithuanian energy sector look like in 10 years?

In the first decades of independence, the strategy for the Lithuanian energy system featured two distinct main objectives: ensuring the independence of the energy system from monopolies, especially from the Russian energy resources, and integrating with Western Europe and reaching its level. Although it can be stated that Lithuania has succeeded in implementing these objectives to a large extent, the National Energy Strategy developed by the Ministry of Energy clearly shows that one of the main objectives for the coming decade will be the consolidation of energy independence.

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Challenges of the Lithuanian energy sector after the restoration of independence

Energy is an integral constituent part of modern society and also a very complicated economic sector that has a great impact on the economy of each state, its structure, economic growth rate and social and economic welfare.

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