EXPO 2017 Print version

At the international EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, Lithuania will be presented as a state that, after regaining its independence, managed to quickly ensure its energy independence and is successfully developing alternative energy for the future despite lacking significant traditional energy resources.

According to the European Commission's evaluation, Lithuania has the best economic conditions among all EU states for the development of renewable energy – meaning that renewable energy development in Lithuania increases its GDP more than in any other EU state. Lithuania is also third in renewable energy potential, exceeding its energy needs one and a half times. Therefore, during the exhibition, Lithuania will first and foremost seek to present its success in the energy field and share its best practices for renewable energy development.

By participating in the exhibition, Lithuania will look to continue strengthening its relationship with Kazachstan and other states participating in the exhibition, encourage business cooperation, and increase the popularity of Lithuanian culture. By choosing the ray of sunlight as a keyword (the Lithuanian word for “sun” - “saule” - sounds just like the Kazakh word for  “ray of sunlight”), the creator's of Lithuania's exhibition want to take advantage of a number of symbolic meanings: a connection between nations and states, the straightest and most direct decision-making path, an effective and uninterrupted transfer of energy, and a symbol for science and light. By using lasers and laser-based technologies, whose development Lithuania has made significant contributions to, Lithuania will be presented as a modern and responsible state that lives in harmony with nature, takes pride in its history, supports its cultural traditions, and has the potential to be a “future energy” state.